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Sub Committees


The Council of the AICWA may form committees to carry out specific tasks.

Currently, we have three sub-committees working on specific aspects of conveyancing and one to raise money for AICWA Members and chosen charities throughout the year.

CPC Sub Committee

Leanne Hyde (Chairperson)
Valerie Haskins
Sue Trigg
Angela Kingsford
Patricia Donegan
Doc Casely
Matthew Ellis
Dion Dosualdo

Property Industry Advisory Committee

Chris Bradbury
Dion Dosualdo


Education Committee

Chris Bradbury
Fran Andrews
Grace Boyle
Jill Nelson-Coulon
Kristy Gall
Sarah Mahony
Matthew Ellis

State Revenue Liaison Committee Meeting

Ross Wharton-Street
Donna Jebb
Dion Dosualdo

AICWA Member Relief Fund Committee

Sarah McDonald
Aileen Newell
Sandy Wormald
Patricia Donegan
Lisa Bolton
Marisa Durante-Maynard
Claire Shepherdson-Bull
Rianna Davies
Lorraine Mui
Dion Dosualdo