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What is a Settlement Agent


A settlement agent is a property professional trained to provide a service to buyers and sellers of property in WA.

Consumers have the right to choose their own settlement agent, you do not have to use the one recommended to you by a real estate agent. All settlement agents are licensed by the Department of Commerce and receive annual professional development training to maintain a high standard of education and knowledge on changes that occur within the property industry.

When you appoint a settlement agent they work for you to ensure the settlement process is completed in a timely manner and that all conditions in the contract are satisfied, rates and taxes are adjusted between the seller and buyer and any encumbrances on the title are dealt with prior to settlement. Settlement agents specialise in this field and a buyer or seller may feel confident that they will be represented by an experienced professional who will deliver an exceptional level of service.

A list of settlement agents is provided under the “Find a Conveyancer” link on the front page of this website.