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CPD refers to ‘Compulsory Professional Development’.

The compulsory professional development (CPD) program is designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professionalism of those working in the settlement industry. The aim of the program is to increase consumer protection and promote consumer confidence in the settlement industry.

The CPD program is part of the licensing framework and requires that all settlement agents comply with the requirements of the program. The requirements of the CPD program are prescribed by legislation.

The CPD program operates on an annual cycle based on the calendar year (the CPD cycle). In each 12–month CPD cycle, participants are to accumulate a total of six points of CPD approved activities.

Of these six points, at least four points are to be earned from the core activities and the remaining two points from either core or elective CPD activities.

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA Division Inc (AICWA) is pleased to present the 2021 CPD Program on behalf of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

AICWA is pleased to announce the facilitators for the 2021 CPD delivery are highly regarded industry educator Sue Morris along with accredited experienced conveyancer Valerie Haskins.

View the 2021 Calendar HERE

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA (AICWA) was awarded the contract for the delivery of CPD.

The core training topics are:

Managing Agency Risk (2 points)
Amendments to Strata Reform Legislation (2 points)

The elective training topics are:

Changes to the MPR & Preparing Notices (2 points)
Trust Accounting (2 points)

Participants are required to attend at least two core activities per year, giving them four points. The remaining two points are obtained by attending an elective activity.

Each core activity will be delivered as a two-hour seminar which gives participants two CPD points for each seminar attended.

Participants can acquire the remaining two CPD points by attending the prescribed elective activities.

Each prescribed elective activity will be delivered as a two-hour seminar and gives the attendee two elective CPD points for each seminar attended.

Remember to retain your certificate of attendance in a safe place as evidence of your participation in the CPD program.

If you are unsure as to how many CPD points you have, please contact the AICWA office on (08) 9361 1166.

Consumer Protection is able to provide financial assistance to those settlement agents who have to travel at least 100 kilometres (in one direction) to attend a CPD seminar or workshop in either Perth or Busselton.

To obtain the subsidy, a statutory declaration detailing the distance traveled from where the agent is located to the venue of the seminar or workshop must be provided to the Commissioner after the agent has attended the seminar or workshop.

The amount of subsidy paid will be calculated using the figures provided below.

  • 100kms – 300kms: Maximum of $200.00
  • 301kms – 1,000kms: Maximum of $400.00
  • More than 1,000kms: Maximum of $800.00

Please note that the amount of financial assistance that will be paid will be calculated on the distance the agent is located from the venue, not the overall distance traveled. For example, an agent traveling from Mandurah to Perth to attend a seminar, where the overall distance traveled exceeds 100 kilometres, will not be entitled to claim the subsidy. An agent, who travels from a location further than 100 kilometres away, such as Albany or Kalgoorlie, will be.

Please contact Department of Mines, Industrial Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) Consumer Protection branch on 1300 30 40 54 or go to their website.