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Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership is open to any corporation, firm, partnership or sole trader, the licensee being a full member of the Institute and having any other person(s) employed as a conveyancing clerk, such person(s) being licensed or unlicensed and not being a member of the Institute.

A corporate member shall have the privilege of promoting itself as a Member – and may reproduce the logo of the Institute on all stationery, printed material, correspondence, advertising and signage along with any other such distinction of merit so awarded by the Council. All staff of a Corporate membership can gain their own access to AICWA’s resources on their website via Business Staff Member.

The benefits of being a Corporate Member of AICWA include:

  • Access to news and information that affects the Conveyancing Industry
  • Attend training and events at members prices
  • Able to seek advice on conveyancing matters.

Membership Benefits

Access to web content including CPD registration and industry articles.

Discount on all our seminars and access to member-only workshops. Members discounts do not apply to the Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) program delivered by the AICWA on behalf of the Department of Commerce.

Asks our panel of experts your questions.

Get listed in our directory.

Create valuable network connections in your industry.